Mengerjakan tugas Effective Sales Planning & Operations juga bisa loh...


o   Identify and describe the main types of personal selling that kompas gramedia sales team has. (1.4)
o   Discuss the principle of personal selling used by kompas gramedia sales team. (2.1)
o   Analyze each stage of kompas gramedia sales team personal selling process and compare it to the best practice. (2.2)

·         Kompas Gramedia sales objective and strategies that are revised in line with kompas gramedia  new corporate objective.  Provide a relevant explanation. (3.1)
·         Devise appropriate recruitment and selection procedures for the new available position in the sales division (3.2)
·         The motivation, remuneration and training system that have to be implemented to enhance the sales performance. Provide evaluation for each system. (3.3)
·         Describe any TWO techniques use  to coordinate and control sales output (3.4)
·         Suggested changes in the structure of Kompas Gramedia sales division based on the new sales objective and the reporting as well as coordinating procedures that have to be implemented (3.5)
·         Suppose Kompas gramedia is required to conduct sales through telephone, to a reseller and to the end user (targeted readers), identify and discuss three examples of differences in the nature of sales task and skills of each context stated (4.1)
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