POSITION PAPER - Yaman Stability - Arab League


Delegation       : Egypt
Committee      : Arab League
Topic               : A Yaman Stability (A)

            Egypt considers that Yeman stability is  a threat towards the conducive situation in the world, especially for Arab League a countries which are located around Yeman. Egypt doubts the possibility of revolution in Yemen can be succeed because it is hard to find the indication that proceed to the united national mass movement. Yaman suffered from social fragmentation (either ethnic or denominational). The integration of revolution purpose is hardly establish: the a main challenge that dangerously cause schism in Yeman is the rebellion of South Yeman which wants a separation and Syiah sect from Houtihis on north likewise. Besides, the majority of Yeman people still live in countryside and become the very most contribution of the literacy number and poverty rate. Miserably, the amount of poverty and foolishness, and there is a partition among ethnics in Yeman, so that causing a disunity. By considering this condition, it can be said that democracy and stability in Yeman is difficult to be established, or even the opposite possibility may be greater. 
            Egypt states the solidarity towards the conflict that happens in Yemen, and Egypt gives its support towards the effort to fix the Yemen’s stability. Egypt is ready to establish collaboration with the whole fortress in Yemen and to play a role in order to support national stability of this country. Protests, collisions, and slaughtering in Yemen claim to carried out investigation toward  the whole crimes in  this country, including al-qaeda terrorist network, that become international threats.