Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom

More than several of decades, a great many books, journal and also web with the policies on each country has been published about academic freedom (Nelson, 2010). But, if we had seen towards, today this case is very concern seeing world and human emergency that more and more days have been hidden. Education problems, food and place are being whole problems in some countries. Thing and a problem for to know and do the best ways is could the generations as academician could settle the problems that happens in the world in particular is on the education.
Indonesian’s education has experience constraint on the price and freedom for the children of school age for having education at their school. One of the big problems is at university. University most important and because is the last step for achieve the education; where there is has a potency that should be expanded. But, not only is the potential, the most academic freedom.
Academic freedom in Indonesia still depends with the government funds which as long as now take care of university. So, academic freedom until now are still down of shade and under control by central government. With the basic reason is cost that has been used by university are from government (Irianto, 2012).
If compared with the Asian countries and other countries, education cost in Indonesia is very expensive and too far remainder on the university autonomy. These government desires are clear but narrow down the space motion of university, and learning from the New Order (Orde Baru), teven he states control could destroy the academic freedom and the university autonomy.
Government has desire for increasing the state control of academic freedom and of university autonomy, which has potential for break the rule and human rights, especially of education rights that has been recognized and guaranteed by UUD 1945 and Covenant International of Economic Rights, Social and Culture (Kovenan Internasional Hak-hak Ekonomi, Sosial dan Budaya (KIHESB) (Komunitas Demokrasi, n.d)[1]
Academic freedom is only can be obtainable at university which has autonomy. Inside have the rules and regulators of governance and public accessibility of university. Academic freedom is a professor rights, faculty and researcher they have concerned with the activities for teaching or research. Of course with the university traditions, ethics code, tolerance principle and objectivity. 


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