Two well-known sport apparel suppliers are Adidas and Nike, which have competed in soccer world started from shoes, team sponsored by them, and even the ball itself. Apparel cannot be detached from the two big brands that have been long worldwide are Nike and Adidas. Almost all the two brand product lines control domestic market. It can be seen from outlets spread in various cities. Also counterfeit products that spread almost in each street seller. Clearly Adidas and Nike do not only compete head to head, even they also acquire other brands for the competition of image rights. It cannot be disowned that effective and continuous promotion becomes the key of both brands to attract costumers’ heart. In this essay, I would like to compare and contrast between Adidas and Nike in historical, logo, motto, and technological aspects.
            In historical aspect, Adidas was born before Nike. It was established in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1920 by two brothers Adolf (Adi) Dassler and Rudolph Dassler. At the beginning, this company only produced slippers. One day in 1925, Adi was successful to design a pair of sport shoes, and since that time, reparation and development effort in shoes was done persistently. After they had done various innovations, in 1927s, Adidas has been successful to design special shoes for sports and in 1928 they gave shoes freely to athletes who participated in Amsterdam Olympiad. Supported with by broadcasting and television, Adidas enjoyed profit from sport event such as Olympiad or soccer, because their three-strip logo is easy to recognize from far distance (Stoetzel, 2012: 242).    
            Meanwhile, initially Nike was known as Blue Ribbon Sports, established by tract athlete Philip Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman from University of Oregon on January 1964. At the beginning, the company operated as distributor for Japan shoes maker, Onitsuka Tiger (Haisten, Payton: 2012).

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