Impulsive Buying in Mall Shopping Behavior

Impulsive Buying in Mall Shopping Behavior

            When we go shopping or even only take a walk in mall and shopping centre, let’s pay attention to what goods in our shopping bag? If we take a look on them, many items that actually are not in our shopping list. Those items were bought based on temptation, discount, and SPG persuasion or even only for fun. Supported with comfortable atmosphere, it encouraged us to shop. It was based on thesis that mall can always create impulsive buying in shopping behavior.
Shopping is a fun activity for many people and not limited to women or men. In general, people shop to fulfill their needs. At least people spend their time to shop once a month. However, they often shop only to fulfill desire or encouragement in them, as said by Tambunan (2005), shopping is a life style; even it has been a hobby for some people.
            Shopping centre/mall rapid development causes the higher competition to fight over market share in business world today. Malls which want to be successful in the competition of global era should have company’s strategies that can understand costumer’s behaviors. Malls compete to create competitive excellence, whether through atmosphere/concept, sold products, discount offer, etc-to attract visitors and buyers.
            Today, customers are smarter by choosing shopping centres with fun, safe, comfortable atmosphere that gives satisfaction and entertaining every time they do shopping. Many people who shop with mature consideration. They buy goods that “tease their eyes” which are actually not needed. Sale writings are displayed with discount. They do not care to mill around and snatch away to choose discounted goods in the shelves.
            Impulsive buying for some marketers who call it as unplanned buying is a part of customer buying pattern (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2004) and stated as unplanned buying (Loudon and Bitta, 1993).

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